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Local Winnipeg Wedding Vendors

You're Engaged, Now What? Making Your Day Nature-Friendly!

June 1st, 2010 photos by
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We are constantly being told to be more “green.” With so many options available to us, it can be overwhelming to figure out the best way to positively impact our environment. So we’ve done the research for you. We’ve found some of the best local products and professionals that will satisfy your needs and make the world a better place at the same time.Try them...the earth will thank you.

Cakes by Shelley

Weddings symbolize a new beginning, and often couples like to incorporate pure foods as part of their new beginning as husband and wife. We are surrounded by unnatural and processed foods, and your wedding day is a special occasion that gives you a chance to indulge in something that tastes great but is still as close to the earth as possible. Dessert is an area that many people forget can be environmentally friendly. They think that taste should not be sacrificed, and they’re right—it shouldn’t be! Try Cakes by Shelley for all your delicious needs!

I come from a Pastry Chef background, where I was taught to use only the best products to see how they make a difference in taste, and they do. My primary focus is on achieving the best tasting product and once that is reached, I work on creating something that is also appealing to the eye. I never use substitutes or artificial flavours, but instead I use ingredients as close to the earth as possible to achieve that taste.  Artificial flavours and colourings have an unnatural taste that take away from the high quality I strive so much to achieve. Moreover, I can make almost any cake organic—I use 100% organic ingredients, although this does drive up the cost of the cakes. I use recycled boxes and products wherever I have the chance, and also work closely with my suppliers to pick up my ingredients, using my own containers so as to not use their boxes & packaging, or if I do, I return any useable packaging to them to re-use. I also compost everything I can.

I love to support local farmers whenever possible, and I avoid importing ingredients whenever I can. I don't purchase processed ingredients, but rather obtain them in their purest form and go from there. For example, we have a Peanut Buttercream for which we roast and grind our own peanuts, from peanuts chosen at their freshest state. 

Check out Cakes by Shelley’s gallery of delectable treats at her website,

Shelley Nikkel, Cakes by Shelley


Eco-Friendly Wedding and Event Planning

If you want to plan your wedding with natural and eco-friendly influences and need a little help doing it, call Moments Wedding and Event Planning. Moments is passionate about making tomorrow a better, cleaner, greener day, and is proud to offer eco-chic wedding ideas.

Whether you’re looking for 100% organic choices, or just want to avoid making a mess, Moments has some great ideas about incorporating green and earth-friendly elements into your wedding day. A simple step is your wedding favours—Moments suggests organic chocolates, locally harvested honey or jams, or plantable wild flowers. These are all a subtle shade of “green,” but make a big difference to our planet!

The event planners at Moments also encourage their couples to consider using Beanpod candles—made from 100% soy wax, these candles are biodegradable, environmentally friendly, nontoxic, and not tested on animals. And on top of all that goodness, Beanpod’s scents are phenomenal! One whiff of whipped cream, cinnamon buns, oatmeal cookies, angel Amaretto, or cheesecake will enchant your guests. Beanpod candles are available at Moments’ office. Tracy Orsulak, Principal Planner and Owner of Moments, says, “Simple little actions in a positive direction make a big difference.” If you need a little help planning your big day in a way that won’t hurt the environment, call Moments.

Tracy Orsulak, Moments Wedding and Event Planning


Eat and Be Merry

Often weddings can be perceived as an excessive day of consumption, so using locally-sourced foods is a great way to diminish your W-day’s environmental impact. If you long to change the world around you, talk to The Tallest Poppy about their catering services. The catering sector of the adorable restaurant focuses on office functions, gala and art openings, engagement parties and weddings, as well as outdoor festival events, and are committed to providing their customers with food made with love—and that means food that is locally-sourced and produced.

If local and nature-friendly food is something that is important to you, serving it at your wedding is a great way to introduce your passions to your family and friends, and also a fun way to tap into local tastes and flavours for out-of-town guests, like bison and pickerel. The Tallest Poppy is proud to provide Winnipeg with home-baked breads, locally-sourced meats, and fresh vegetables, to maximize the relevance of local food on wedding menus.

The Tallest Poppy, 631 Main Street, Winnipeg




Comments | June 1st, 2010
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